Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships
For the first time since its inception in 2008, the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships has always strived to be the most competitive raw powerlifting competition in North America and one of the most prestigious raw powerlifting events in the world. Lifters have always only been allowed to wear a belt, certain approved *neoprene* knee sleeves (if desired), a pair of wrist wraps; and they have always been required to walk their squats out. They have never been allowed to wear knee wraps or the use of a monolift. Many would argue that most of the top raw lifts that are done each year are done at the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships.

Now, for the first time since its creation the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships will be allowing the use of knee wraps and the monolift; BUT only on Day 2 of the weekend powerlifting event.

On Saturday, February 8th, at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center (now known as “Day 1”) the lifters that compete at Raw Unity will be doing so under the EXACT CIRCUMSTANCES that has taken place for the first six Raw Unity meets. They will be allowed to only wear a belt, certain *approved* knee sleeves (if desired—and can be found by going tohttp://www.rawunitymeet.com/) and a pair of wrist wraps. NOTHING HAS CHANGED about the Raw Unity meet concerning “Day 1”. All of the traditional powerlifting weight classes—for both men and women--will be observed; and awards will be given to those that win their respective weight classes. Furthermore, as has always been Raw Unity tradition there will be cash awards for the top 3 lifters by formula in each of the “Super Classes”. These super classes will be women’s lightweight, women’s heavyweight, men’s lightweight, men’s middleweight, and men’s heavyweight. These cash awards are also known as the “Champion of Champions”.

On Sunday, February 9th, again at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center (now known as “Day 2”) an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT COMPETITION will take place under Raw Unity rules and under Raw Unity judging—just like Day 1. HOWEVER, the competitors on Day 2 will be allowed to wear 2.5 meter knee wraps and they will be allowed the use of the monolift for squatting. The lifters and the lifts from Day 1 WILL NOT IN ANY WAY be in competition with or compared to those lifts that are done on Day 2. BOTH COMPETITONS—Day 1 AND Day 2—are the NEW RAW UNITY POWERLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS. Awards will be given in the exact same fashion on Day 2 as they were on Day 1.

If a lifter so chooses, he or she has the option to compete on BOTH days if they want. They can compete without knee wraps and walking their squat out on Saturday Day 1 and then they can again compete with knee wraps and use the monolift on Sunday Day 2. They can still win weight class awards on both days and they can still be awarded cash prizes on both days.
If there are any questions about the upcoming Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships then it is advisable for that lifter to join Facebook and then request to be a part of the “Raw Unity” Facebook group. Questions can also be emailed to the meet’s co-founder Eric Talmant aterictalmant@yahoo.com

The idea of adding Day 2 to the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships was to bring in more of North America’s finest raw powerlifters. Nobody in the powerlifting community has the divine right to declare what “raw lifting” exactly is. Many feel that it is one way and many feel that it is another way. The reason why the competition was originally named “Raw Unity” was to UNITE all raw powerlifters throughout North America—not to divide them. Therefore, Raw Unity welcomes ALL raw lifters from every single organization—whether you wear knee wraps or not or use a monolift or not. It is fair to say that it is not a good idea to compare a lifter that does not wear knee wraps to one that does—and so therefore Raw Unity has provided a home for both types of raw lifters. If a lifter wants to compete without knee wraps then he is given that opportunity to do so against the best in North America on Day 1. If a lifter would rather compete with knee wraps then he is given that opportunity to do so against the best in North America on Day 2. If a lifter does not care and wants to do both then he or she will be able to do so!

If a lifter is interested in the bench press only portion of the competition at Raw Unity then there has already been a press release about that and it can be found by going here:http://www.powerliftingwatch.com/node/25592

The founders and executive committee members of the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships want to GROW the sport of powerlifting and they believe that this is the best vision and the best way to do that—by UNITING raw lifters and giving them all a competitive place to lift and showcase their talents. We encourage any and all lifters to check out the qualifying totals for the Raw Unity Meet which can be found here http://www.rawunitymeet.com/RUM-VII-Qualifying-Totals.html and help us move the sport of powerlifting ever forward by getting your qualifying total in a sanctioned powerlifting meet and then applying for the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships 7 when the entry form is released this upcoming November, 2013.