Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships

Strength training books

The Simplest and Most Effective Training System to Increase Raw Strength

Magnificent Mobility

The Westside Barbell Book of Methods 

Starting Strength- 2nd edition

Science and Practice of Strength Training- 2nd edition

Assess and Correct

Reactive Training Systems Manual

Serious Strength Training - 2nd

Build a bigger bench!

Maximum Strength: Get Your Strongest Body in 16 Weeks with the Ultimate Weight-Training Program

Strength Training Anatomy-3rd Edition (Sports Anatomy)

Stretching Anatomy

Abs Revealed

Practical Programming for Strength Training

Bigger Faster Stronger - 2nd Edition

Powerlifting Basics, Texas-Style: The Adventures of Lope Delk

 Bull Strength Training Manual

Increase your grip strength!

Combat core strength!